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Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method – the onlinei store does not need to keep the products it sells in own warehouse.

How DropShipping With Molly-Dress Works?

1) Choose a products from our offer 

2) Place chosen products on your website (You can also lists our styles on www.ebay.com, (we offer XML product data feed or you can list them manually)

3) Your customer places & pays order on your website (optionally auctions)

4) You place the same order on our website with your customer shipping address and keep the profits

5) We ships item directly to your customer (your client does not know it is dropshipped)

6) Your customer receives parcel and is so happy!:)

No costly inventories, no complicated online account systems to manage, we'll do it all. For wholesale discount and detail information, please contact us at hello AT molly-dress (DOT*) com all the inquiries will be addressed within 1working day.

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