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Trendy ways to rock the cropped blouse

Besides the abundance of shapes, sizes and different styles, crop blouses and tops come with the great advantage of versatility. You can wear them in all kinds of outfits, from casual to sport and elegant, and paired them with both pants and skirts.

Don’t think that only skinny girls look good with their midriff revealed. Crop tops can look great on all body shapes, curvaceous included (think Kim Kardashian), and you don’t even need to have the most ripped abs. No one says you must reveal your tummy completely. Just choose a top that ends right below the belly button or pair the crop top with high-waist skirts or trousers.

Although cutoff shirts can seem a little too revealing and rather suitable for teenagers, with the right styling anyone can pull off this daring trend. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Cropped blouse with skinny jeans
This is a great combination for a trendy and relaxed look, something you can wear when you go shopping, taking a walk in the park or hanging out with friends. With the jeans being all tight and revealing, it is best if you choose a crop top that is flowing and loose at the sides. This way you will balance the “hotness level” between the top and the bottom. Also, if a big part of your tummy remains uncovered, look for a cropped blouse with long sleeves, so that you don’t reveal too much skin at once. Accessorize with sneakers, biker boots or other sporty footwear if the crop top is casual, or go for high heels if sensual and provocative is what you are looking for.

Cropped blouse with high waist skirts/ pants
Short shirts can make you look taller and thinner if you pair them with high-waist skirts or pants. This little trick will create the illusion of a slimmer waistline and elongate the legs, especially if the skirt is floor-length and you put on some high platform wedges. For a chic vintage look, take a cropped blouse with bateau neckline and pair it with a 1950s-inspired circle skirt, midi and high-waisted, a perfect match for a crop top that ends above the belly button. High heels pumps or open toe wedges with ankle strap will perfectly finish this retro-chic look.

Boxy crop blouse with color matching pants
Paired with minimalist pants and skirts, boxy blouses are great for stylish androgynous outfits, but they don’t really flatter the feminine silhouette. Unless they are cropped boxy blouses and you pair them with sleek pants - whether tapered, straight-cut or tailored. Look for quarter sleeves with seamless cuffs that will highlight the retro elegance of the outfit and try to match the color of the cropped blouse with the color of the pants, for an even more sophisticated look.

Large cropped blouse with shorts
Many crop tops are short and large, so they can make an excellent fitness outfit or something you can wear when you go for a relaxing walk in the town. A large cropped blouse made from cotton will allow you to move freely and looks great with a pair of denim shorts and some comfortable sneakers or sport sandals. If the crop top is too short and you don’t want to show off your belly, you can simply wear a tight tank top underneath the blouse.

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