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Shirts and Body Suits For Any Occassion

The Romantic, Flirty Outfit
Acquiring a romantic, flirty look doesn’t necessarily imply airy dresses or polka dot skirts. You can get the desired aspect by choosing a simple combination, but with a flirty touch. Wear a patterned blouse with a bow neckline – there are plenty to choose from at molly-dress.com, with a pair of skinny jeans and some flats in a nude hue for an artistic, girly look, or, if you want to play the sexy tune, choose a pair of high heeled shoes instead. The bird print gives the shirt a more bohemian allure, while the pink colour and the tie bow neckline brings a playful touch.

The Office Look
If you are tired of wearing the same classic white shirt at work, why not try something that will be just as professional – looking, but with a modern, cool twist. A shirt in a daring colour, with a mandarin collar, is a wonderful substitute for a bland office shirt. It has a beautiful mandarin collar and metallic buttons, with a tailoring that fits both a pair of trousers and a high-waist pencil skirt. If you’re still in love with the white shirt, try a high neck, button down shirt, with the collar and cuffs in a contrasting colour. This type of shirt has such an elegant and feminine aspect that it will make you look and feel wonderful, no matter how long your work day is.

The Party Girl
A shirt might not seem as the best option for a party and it might not be your first choice, but maybe it should. At molly-dress.com you can find shirts that will make you look sexy and confident, but still be comfortable enough to get wild on the dance floor. A pair of leather trousers and a silk blouse, together with a pair of high heeld shoes and a statement necklace will make the perfect outfit for a Friday’s night out. If you’re still not convinced that a shirt is the right choice for you, try a body suit, maybe with some buttons on the back or a front zip, together with a pleated A-line skirt and you are ready to party!

Choosing an outfit can be a woman’s worst nightmare, but with just a few body-suits or shirts you can get enough combinations to satisfy any need.

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