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How stylish women office workwear should look like in 2015

Here are 4 must-have clothing items for a stylish office wardrobe in 2015:

Hepburn Inspired Midi Dress

This is the most versatile piece of dress you can wear at the office! Inspired by the timeless grace and elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the sleeveless midi dress with fitting bodice is as elegant and sophisticated as it is comfortable and easy to accessorize. Check out the Black High Chic Hepburn Inspired Midi Dress. You can pair it with stylish flats, delicate open front cardigan and minimalist jewelry to create the most elegant outfit to wear at the office. For a stylish night out, simply replace the flats with statement high heels, put on a trendy blazer and ostentatious necklace, grab a metallic clutch and you are ready to flirt and conquer!

Ruffled Blouse

Shirts tend to be a little too conservative and serious, so look for fun stylish details to refresh your office look. Ruffles are a great way to add life to a formal appearance and make you look elegant as well as fashionable. The Deep Purple Ruffled Blouse with Fanned Sleeves features neat ruffles complemented by fan sleeves, a perfect mix of romantic elegance and bohemian cool vibes. This fancy colored blouse will make you look great and feel even greater!

Body Suit Shirt

The body suit shirt is perfect when you have a long working day ahead. It’s extremely comfortable and you don’t have to keep in mind to constantly tuck in the shirt. Your outfit will look neat and flawless no matter how many hours you spend sitting, standing or running from one meeting to another. Check out this Black Collared Body Suit Shirt with Long Sleeves. It’s all black, so you can mix & match it with any color you like, from neutrals to bold shades. Paired with stylish pencil skirts or elegant tapered pants, the body suit shirt will become the little secret behind your flawless office looks.

Front Open Cardigan

Talk about effortless style! The Curvy Front Open Black Cardigan with 3/4 Sleeves is the perfect clothing item to complete a laid back office outfit. For casual Fridays, all you need is to pair it with dark ankle-length skinny jeans, nude high heels and a colored simple T-shirt. Or bright high heels and a plain white tee - the possibilities are endless when you have a versatile cardigan to play with!

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