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A Day At Work
Working in a place where a neat, professional look is mandatory can be stressful or annoying at times, especially in the summer, when the increasing temperatures make it difficult to wear office attire. But you can avoid uncomfortable outfits by wearing a dress and still look professional. A white and black dress, with a mesmerizing pattern and a natural waistline, works great with a pair of high heeld shoes and, although it might be very feminine, it still has that office allure. If you’re not feeling that girly, you can wear some nude or autumnal shade, such as cappuccino or a dusty pink, which will surely give you a confidence boost, while keeping it at a professional level.

checkered mini dress

Casual Fridays
Friday is maybe one of the most loved days of the week and casual Fridays are always a pleasant work day. Try a dress with a pair of flats or sandals for either a day at the office or an afternoon stroll in town, for a comfortable, casual, yet girly look. If you’re feeling sporty, you can replace shorts with the beautiful cotton maxi dress. It goes nicely with a pair of tennis shoes and you are sure to get the most comfortable outfit. The same goes for a long sleeve dress, with hip pouchy side pockets and an off shoulder neckline. The long sleeves make it perfect for the cool breeze of summer evenings.

cotton comfy grey dress

Days On The Beach
Nothing is more tempting and more relaxing than sunny days and lazy afternoons on the beach. And, although the swim suit is the centrepiece of a beach outfit, you also need something to cover your skin with and protect you from the sun while walking to the beach or taking lunch on a terrace. And what could be better than a dress which you can slip right into? As the sailor look is timeless and has that fresh, girly and retro twist to it, you can choose a dark blue and white striped dress to not just cover your skin with something, but to look and feel your best. It is light, comfortable and girly, just perfect for a day at the beach. For the evening walk, nothing is better than a maxi dress, and any maxi dress from molly-dress.com would be a wonderful choice. Plain, but elegant, it will drape you body beautifully, while still being comfortable.

As the concept of ”the little black dress” (related post: "How to choose the perfect lbd") that every girl must have more and more becomes just ”the must have dress”, no matter the colour or occassion, make sure that you get the best out of any dress centred outfit. And for this purpose, molly-dress.com is always a trusty and reliable help.

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