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About us

Molly-Dress is an international online store dedicated to high fashion women clothing by offering the wide variety of casual, elegant and business dresses, blazers, jackets, pants and blouses.

Molly was founded in late 2012 and it is becoming one of the leaders of high women fashion online stores. We focus on the local trendy European countries apparel brands. Molly updates more then 50 new products per week to get you closer to the globe’s most cutting-edge fashion. Our target audiences are the women aged 18-35 who are enthusiastic fashion lovers. We strive to be innovative fashion setters, offering our customers something they want. Consumer’s interests are always the top priority of the starting points of our jobs. Molly provides perfect shopping atmosphere and user experience for our customers.

Our Promise:
* Only original - branded clothing
* 30 days unconditional return/exchange
* Nationwide shipping (costs optimized, insurance, safe delivery)

We base in Poland, main office:

Online Trade Services – Molly-Dress.com
K. Wallenroda 10/01/24
11-520 Ryn
Company Registratio No. 8451860765


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