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Molly-Dress is the online store aiming to be the best at what it does. Each aspect of our work is treated with the highest carefulness. Inter alia we pay great attention on the customer service, which is being done with peak of professionalism. This includes each stage of our cooperation with the Customer:

• Orders are taken and accepted with the speed of light;

• The purveyance is fast and cheap, but we do not forget of the condition of the products;

• When it comes to return or replacement, they are always done rapidly and carelessly;

This is the quality of functioning that we have elaborated within many years. Therefore, the most important aspect is the quality of the clothing. This is why we do care of materials clothes are made of, as well as the process of sewing. And, what is obvious, we do care of styles and fashion, being updated all the time. What is more, the selection of styles is the widest you can only imagine. That is why placing an order via our website will give you the highest satisfaction; this is what we genuinely guarantee.

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