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5 chic trousers to wear this fall at the office

Colorful geometric print pants

Geometric prints are once again one of the most wanted trends of the fall! Triangles, squares, diamonds and circles of all sizes and colors can instantly add style and joy to every outfit. Colorful geometric print pants are easy to accessorize with monochromatic tops, especially if they come in one of the shades from the print. When in doubt, opt for a black, white or nude shirt made from chiffon or other thin and fine fabric. The colored geometric prints on the pants and the classic shade of the top will create one stylish chromatic combination to wear all day at the office, and even at after hours night outs!

Beige tapered pants

No matter the season, tapered pants will always be perfect for stylish office looks! Their specific cut is super elegant and at the same time extremely flattering for all silhouettes, as it can make the legs look longer and thinner. This fall, look for beige tapered pants, a beautiful neutral color that can be easily matched with classic tops in black or white, as well as with colored blouses and shirts. Not to mention beige pants allow you to accessorize your chic office outfit with statement shoes, bags or jewelry.

Stylish pants with leather details

Punk-rock is still one of the major influences in today’s fashion, so it comes as no surprise that leather trousers are on the roll this fall too. While all-leather pants can be a little too rebellious for an office look, elegant pants with subtle leather details will make for the perfect casual Friday outfit. Look for tapered pants with stylish leather details at the side pockets or at the waist. The mix of leather and cloth is always a good idea when you want to achieve an urban-chic, yet effortless style outfit.

Classic straight cut pants

For the days when you want to look elegant as well as highly professional, straight cut pants will make the perfect work wear for you. Classy and elegant, they can be easily paired with both high heel shoes and dressy flats, with simple white/ black shirts or feminine silky tops and casual blazers. Look for high-waisted straight cut pants if you want to elongate your appearance and create the illusion of a slimmer waist.

Skinny pants with wide waist band

When you have to sit on the chair in front of your computer all day long, wearing uncomfortable tight fitting pants is not such a good idea. This doesn’t mean you have to give up on your favorite skinny pants, just look for some trousers that are skinny in the legs, but loose in the hips, and also feature a wide waist band that allows you to move freely. This type of pants looks great especially when paired with a classic white shirt and neutral-colored pumps. You’ll get the perfect androgynous office look!


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