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2015 spring trends: Lace and bows to glam up your office style

Lace and bows - this is what you should consider if you want to glam up your office style this spring! Lace and bows clothing items have conquered the runway and most certainly are here to stay, as they are classic, the kind of “evergreen” trends that don’t go out of style the next season.
Here are some chic suggestions to include lace and bows in your office wardrobe and create stylish elegant outfits with a modern twist!

Lace top with frill waist for flirty & feminine office outfits
When wearing lace at the office, keep in mind these two styling rules: don’t reveal too much skin and don’t wear lace from head-to-toe. You will look either inappropriately (under) dressed or tacky! That’s why lace tops and blouses are a safe bet, especially if they combine sheer lace with opaque fabrics. Look for a top with elbow length lace sleeves and the neckline also covered with lace. You’ll reveal some skin while keeping your look elegant and sophisticated. For the ultimate flirty & feminine office outfit, choose a top that emphasises your waist with a frill and pair it with tight pants or skirts. It’s a great way to flaunt your feminine silhouette in a perfectly elegant business outfit.

Lace shift dresses, perfect for office parties
The “don’t wear lace from head-to-toe” rule comes with an exception: when dressing for the office party, you can choose a lace dress, but make sure it has enough lining to cover most part of your torso and legs. It’s ok to show some skin on your arms and neckline, but leave the rest to the imagination. A knee length lace shift dress will beautifully embrace your silhouette and flatter your curves. Choose the classics black or white, or some neutral or nude shades, so you can wear the dress during the day and then glam it up with a pair of high heels, statement necklace, metallic clutch and red lipstick. You’ll turn from Miss Elegance to Miss Sensuality in no time!

Pussy bow blouses for romantic-vintage office looks
Bows are sweet and fun and they can instantly create a playful appeal, so don’t rule them out when you’re in cheerful mood. A sheer chiffon blouse with a pussy bow neckline is a great way to lighten up a formal outfit. Especially since the grace and finesse of the bow create a wonderful contrast with the seriousness and rigour of blazers, or any other typical business style clothing item. And if you feel like adding even more bohemian vibes to your appearance, stick a vintage brooch in the middle of the bow.

Bow-shaped lace details for casual Friday outfits
Cardigans are a great alternative to blazers when you feel the need to put on a more casual office look. Why not choose a chic cardigan that features bow side pockets made of delicate lace? This precious fabric will add a touch of style and glam to the casual cardigan and will make you stand out at the office even if you don’t wear a dress or a skirt. In fact, both cardigans and lace look great with denim, so slip into your skinny jeans, simple T-shirt and suede pumps, and you will head into the office wearing the perfect casual Friday outfit and a big smile on your face!

Alina, Romanian fashion contributor and creator, always connected to the latest fashion runway trends and in love with the modern elegance and versatility of Molly Dress collections.

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